Future Directions

We have lots of plans for future directions:
  • Automatic derivation of generators and shrinkers for data satisfying Inductive relations
  • Vellum2 testing
  • DeepSpec Web Server
  • Testing-only variant of Software Foundations?

Recommended Reading

The material presented in this short course serves as an introduction to property based random testing using QuickChick. For the interested reader, we provide a few more references for additional reading:
  • The original QuickCheck paper by Koen Claessen and John Hughes from ICFP 2000.
  • The original QuickChick paper that focuses on a framework for proving the correctness of QuickChick generators.
  • A case study that uses QuickCheck to test non-interference for information-flow-control abstract machines.
  • Code for that case study exists under the QuickChick organization of github ( for both Haskell ("Testing Noninterference") and Coq ("IFC").
  • A paper on deriving QuickChick generators for a large class of inductive relations.
  • Leo's PhD dissertation.